Grocery Listr App

Grocery Listr is your ONE app for lists. It is a convenient way to organize grocery lists and shopping lists. Smart Lists: Start typing an item name and the app suggests relevant grocery items. Choose items and the app automatically adds correct category and units. Sort items by category, make copies, etc. Shared Lists: Share your lists with friends and family. Add items, cross-off items, see updates in real-time, and get instant change notifications. Recipe Lists: Create your own favorite recipes and use them in lists. Add a recipce, it automatically adds the correct quantities for ingredients.

Stock4Q App

Stock4Q is a clean and elegant way to manage stock portfolios. The intuitive design and clean interface is meant to enrich your mobile experience with a singular aim - "real-time stock quotes at your finger tips". Stock4Q provides streaming stock quotes and portfolio tracking. Create multiple portfolios and track gains and losses in real-time. Control the frequency of stock quotes (1sec, 2sec, 5sec or more), set low/high price triggers to enable active highlighting within portfolio. View trading volume, market value, gains, and get 1-click access to quotes, charts & news for stocks.

Radio68 App

Radio68 is your free app for listening to internet radio stations. It offers a curated list of eclectic radio stations from all around the world and randomizes the playing of radio stations, upon startup, to allow for exploration of different genres of music. It tracks the popularity of each radio station across all users and uses that to sort the list of stations. It supports playing music in the background, conserving device battery. You can add any station to your list of favorites and share your list across multiple devices, and listen to music of your choice 100% ad-free.

Salesmobl App

Salesmobl provides mobile access to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Events, Leads, Opportunities, and custom objects. Make one touch phone calls, send emails, log calls/emails in Salesforce and sync iPhone Contacts and Calendars with Salesforce. Customize fields to view for Salesforce objects, search for desired Salesforce objects, and drill-down into object details. Make phone calls and send emails with 1-tap and these events are automatically logged into Salesforce for activity tracking. Graphical overview of Salesforce objects provides easy launch point for your activities.

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