Internet Radio

Radio68 allows you to play internet radio stations for free. Listen to all your favorite radio stations in one place. The simple and clean user interface is meant to do only one thing - allow you to play music without any clutter. Radio68 integrates with iOS multimedia interface and you can toggle play/pause actions from your device's lock screen.

Favorite Stations

Radio68 allows you to explore all the radio stations using the Explore tab. You can search for a radio station and star it, to add to your favorites. You can access all your favorite radio station from the favorites tab. Your favorites are automatically synced across all your devices. The app provides insight into stations that are trending up.

World Music

Radio68 has a roster of eclectic internet radio stations from all around the world. The list is curated based on published music media articles and classified by genre and country. You can search by station name, country of origin, or music genre. We are always eager to hear your suggestions on new and interesting radio stations.

Radio68 Team

As of now its a one person team.


Baldeep Hira


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