Smart Lists

Grocery Listr App makes it a breeze to create grocery lists. Start typing the name of an item and the app will suggest relevant grocery items. Choose items and the app will automatically add correct category. Sort items by category, drag items to reorder. Make a copy of a list, and edit it. Easy choice of units to use for item quantities. Cross off items from a list with a tap, manage multiple lists and easily toggle between them.

Shared Lists

Grocery Listr App allows you to share your lists with friends and family. Share multiple lists and collaborate with others on shared lists. Add items, cross off items and see updates in real-time. Share a list by tapping on the share button and sending the share link to friends via email. You need to login using Facebook in order to share lists. Share lists across multiple devices for your own account.

Recipe Lists

Grocery Listr App allows you to create recipes in addition to shopping lists or grocery lists. A recipe is a special kind of list that gets included in the smart search invoked when you enter grocery items to any list. Add a recipe to a grocery list, and the correct quantity/amount of recipe ingredients will be added to your list. The app comes loaded with default recipes, make any list a recipe by turning ON recipe slider.

Grocery Listr Team

As of now its a one person team.


Baldeep Hira



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