Real-time Quotes

Stock4Q App provides real-time stock quotes for your portfolio. You can check streaming quotes with stock price, percentage increase/decrease, and gain/loss for each stock. All this using a clean and intuitive interface that allows sorting by stock symbol, stock price, %change, gain, or loss. Just tap on the name of the column by which you want to sort the portfolio.

Stock Portfolios

Stock4Q App allows you to create multiple stock portfolios, so that you can track retirement accounts, taxable accounts, family & personal portfolios. You can create a new portofolio by tapping on t+ icon at top of the screen. You can enter number of shares, and purchase price. You can add as many portfolios as you like, all of them are accessible from the main page.

Stock Charts

Stock4Q App provides portfolio charts to help you visualize assets in your portfolio along with their relative distrubtion/weightage. Pie chart visualization makes it easy to see if you've a balanced portfolio, and spot overweight stocks/sectors. You can access trend chart for a given stock by clicking on stock name. It shows detailed quote, historical prices, and latest stock news.

Stock4Q Team

As of now its a one person team.


Baldeep Hira


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